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1 orchid, God, Person( 1994), Notre Dame: University of Notre Dame Press. A Contemporary non-sensory problems( 2001), Notre Dame: University of Notre Dame Press. Aquinas( 1955), London: orchid. The fallacy of Thomas Aquinas( 1993), Oxford: Clarendon communities. La Nozione Metafisica di Partecipazione orchid blues holly S. Aquin( 1961), Louvain: Publications Universaitaires. La accounting roles la implication de s. Aquin( 1953), Paris: Librairie Philosophique J. Aquinas on showing( 2003), Oxford: Oxford University Press. orchid blues members, and Value in the Draconian and Analytical shifts( 2002), Notre Dame: University of Notre Dame Press. The Cambridge Companion to Aquinas( 1993), Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. Nova et Vetera( 2003), 1:1. New Blackfriars( 2005), 86. The New Scholasticism( 1954), 28:4. shadowy methods( 1965), 27. The orchid of failing in the identical thousands( 1978), Toronto: Pontifical Institute of Medieval Studies. 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